LIFE Skills Emergence System

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LIFE Skills Emergence System from the author of the revolutionary PEAK Curriculum.  

LIFE shares a common theme with PEAK in its emphasis on derived relational responding as a core necessity for a durable and meaningful behavioral repertoire.  In this first LIFE module you will find 250 functional skills to assess and then provide treatment.  

The assessment process is multi-model and combines parent input, your own direct evaluation, and the incorporation of PEAK PCA results.  Treatment consists of an elegant blend of direct contingencies such as chaining, shaping, and fading, but also verbal rehearsal, stimulus equivalence and relational framing.

Each of the 250 skills of the Functional Module contains an overall goal. Additionally every skill has a direct training, generalization, and relational flexibility objective.  Treatment flowcharts are provided as well as contingency and verbal remediation techniques are outlined in detail.  

LIFE is much more than a list of skills that you check yes or no for your client.  LIFE is an assessment to treatment system like you have never seen before.  

Finally the power of PEAK in a dedicated life skills program.  Behavior analysis treatment of adaptive functional skills will never be the same.  

Successive modules dedicated to Community, Social and Vocational Skills will sequentially follow the release of the Functional Module.