PEAK Comprehensive Assessment (PCA)

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The long awaited and much anticipated PEAK Comprehensive Assessment Kit.  This set of materials includes 3 full color stimulus books with over 500 pages of images, assessment administration manual, challenging behavior index, assessment fidelity checklists, and client record forms.

The PCA is the first and only standardized ABA assessment available.  This means, you will administer the assessment directly, verbatim, and with fixed administration intervals for your client.  This one assessment can be run with multiple clients and will last for years.  

Administation Requirements:

Qualifications:  1) PEAK Level 2 Certification, 2) Board Certified / Licensed Behavior Analyst; 3) Special Education Teacher or Administrator; 4) School Psychologist; 5) Clinical Psychologist; 6) 1 year experience with PEAK

Time:  30 min - 2 hours depending on skill ability level

Ages:  2 years +

Content: All 4 PEAK curriculum modules are assessed in the PCA.  Following results of PCA, you will have identified skill level, and immediately transfer assessment results to programing content for your client.  Take the guesswork out of "what to teach" or "when to teach."  


Current PEAK Users:

The PCA provides a seamless solution with considerable less effort to administer than the current PEAK Pre-Assessments.  However, the PEAK Pre-Assessments will continue to function as they have in the past.  Upgrading to the PCA will simplify the assessment process, expand upon the types of relational frame categories evaluated, remove some vague items on prior assessment, and eliminate the burdensome Learner Response Booklet of the PEAK-G pre-assessment, and the multi-sensory items from the PEAK-E pre-assessment.  Most importantly, the PCA is standardized.


Note: Because the PCA is a standardized assessment, any photocopying or reproduction of the content is not only a violation of law, it invalidates the scores obtained on the reproduced/modified tool.  

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